What are the requirements for precision parts processing


What are the requirements for precision parts processing

What are the requirements for precision parts? For example, when machining a cylinder, there are strict requirements for the diameter of the cylinder. The positive and negative deviations in the requirements of the articles of association are qualified parts, otherwise they are all parts with different grids; For example, if the diameter of the embedded cylinder is too large to exceed the allowable deviation boundary, the insertion condition will be caused. If the intrinsic diameter is too small to exceed the lower limit of the allowable negative deviation value, it will be caused. The insertion is too loose. There is an unsafe problem.

The length of the cylinder is very long or too short, which exceeds the allowable deviation line. These are all products of different grids. They should be scrapped or processed from scratch, which will definitely result in cost increase.

Secondly, advanced non-standard precision parts processing equipment and testing equipment, advanced processing equipment makes the processing of sophisticated parts simpler, more accurate and more efficient.

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