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Finishing technology of free grinding tool for precision machine parts

Today’s precision parts processing for you to understand the fine mechanical parts free grinding tools finishing technology, together with it.

In the process of precision parts processing, it is necessary to deburr every part. In the process of deburring, file, sandpaper, etc. are used to remove the burr of sophisticated mechanical parts. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, it is still difficult to use human deburring methods to meet the needs of society. Therefore, the new finishing technology is born.

This technology is still used by some large-scale enterprises for surface finishing of carefully machined parts, which is also incorporated into the process by the technical staff, and a standard process is still gradually built. For all kinds of machining techniques, such as turning, milling, forging, stamping, etc., there is no one that will bring certain trace on the surface of carefully machined spare parts, with the emphasis on: rough surface, burr, crack, etc., which will have a positive impact on the normal use of parts, making the quality and quality of parts The index of appearance index is reduced. This processing technique is introduced below.

Free grinding tool finishing technology. With regard to the rolling and polishing process, the processed and meticulous mechanical parts are placed in the roller of the medium, that is, the grinding block and grinding agent are included. Following the complicated relative activities, the free grinding block and grinding agent are gradually colliding, rolling and micro grinding the surface of the parts under the certain pressure, so that the rough surface is continuously refined, so as to enter the detailed mechanical parts After finishing, improve the surface physics and mechanical function, and improve the quality and use function of the machined surface of the meticulous mechanical parts. After selecting a piece of equipment, confirm the abrasives used according to the raw materials and use requirements of the finished parts, as well as the parameters of the appropriate abrasives and grinding blocks, including the variety, loading number and inclusion ratio.

The so-called inclusion ratio refers to the proportion of inclusion grinding block, grinding agent, water and workpiece, processing time, etc. The form, size, size, surface particle size, material ratio, sintering hardness of the grinding block, etc. only in this way can the effect of finishing become more and more dream. In the process of finishing, the off plan is often used. Generally speaking, in the process of finishing, ensure that the grinding block parts, i.e. each polished mechanical parts processing is included nearby, and the raw materials of the polished parts, i.e. steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., are classified according to the requirements. The grinding agents of different varieties are required for the different parts raw materials.