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Problems caused by improper arrangement of CNC processing technology

Using CNC processing equipment for processing, high efficiency, good quality, but if the process design is not properly placed, it can not well reflect its advantages. From the experience of some CNC processing plants, there are some problems as follows:

1. Over distribution of CNC process

The reason for this problem lies in the fear of complexity (referring to planning time), the simple programming, the simplified manipulation and processing, the use of a knife for processing, the easy adjustment of the tool, and the habit of ordinary processing. In this way, it is not easy to guarantee the goods (location yamen) and the production efficiency can not be well developed. Therefore, CNC processing staff and operators should have a comprehensive understanding of CNC processing knowledge, try more to be in charge of the related knowledge, and try to select the way of process set for processing, and use more times, which will naturally reflect its advantages. After the selection of working procedures, the unit processing time increases. We have deployed two equipment face to face, and completed the operation of two equipment by one person. The efficiency has been greatly increased, and the quality has been well guaranteed.

2. Sequential bifurcation theory of CNC processing

Some CNC processing operators study some problems in planning, and often put the processing order in a very different way. NC machining is usually carried out according to the requirements of normal machining process planning, such as first coarse and then fine (tool change), first inside and then outside, correct selection of cutting parameters, etc., so that the quality and efficiency can be improved.

Careful use of G00 (g26, G27, g29) quick positioning instruction has brought great convenience to programming and application. However, if it is not properly configured and used, it will usually lead to adverse consequences such as overshoot when returning to zero due to excessive speed configuration, precision drop, equipment guide rail surface pull, etc. The route of returning to zero is not concerned, which is easy to cause safety incidents of collision with workpieces and equipment. Therefore, when studying and using G00 instruction, we should study carefully and not casually.

In NC machining, more and more attention should be paid to strengthening the retrieval and test run of programs. After the program is input into the control system, the operator should swindle the SCH key and the ↑, ↓, ←, → mobile key to search indefinitely and positively, and correct the program if necessary to ensure the accuracy of the program. At the same time, before the formal implementation of the program processing, the program test run must be carried out from the beginning to the end (turn on the power amplifier) to confirm whether the processing route is the same as the design route.

The above are some common problems and solutions when using CNC processing equipment. There may be some other problems in the essential work, but as long as the CNC processing engineering technicians and operators are open-minded and carefully in charge of the related CNC knowledge and technology, the CNC equipment can well promote the benefits for the enterprise