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The necessity of NC transformation of machine tools

It can finish the process actively, and it is flexible actively, and then the power can be 3-7 times higher than the traditional machine tools. Because the computer has the ability to recall and store, it can record and store the input programs, and then actively implement them in the order of program rules, and then complete the product polarization. CNC machine tools only need to change one program to finish the enthusiasm of another workpiece processing, and then to make single piece and small batch production active, so it is called “flexible enthusiasm”

The precision of machining parts is high and the standard distribution is small, which makes the installation simple and no longer requires “repair”. It can complete the concentration of multiple processes and reduce the frequent transfer of cutting parts between machine tools. It has a variety of self-discipline effects, such as active alarm, active monitoring, and active compensation, so it can complete the long-term unattended processing.

Advantages derived from the above. It reduces the work intensity of workers, saves the work force (one person can guard multiple machine tools), reduces the tooling, reduces the trial production cycle and production cycle of new products, and can respond to the market demand quickly. The above advantages and disadvantages are beyond the imagination of predecessors, which is a very important break.

In the rest, CNC machine tools are the basis for the implementation of FMC (flexible manufacturing unit), FMS (flexible manufacturing system) and CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System) and other enterprise information changes. The numerical control skill still becomes the core skill and the basic skill of the production polarization.