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What kind of performance should the cutter have in CNC parts processing factory

There are few articles about the use of cutting tools in CNC parts machining field. Today, I will introduce some basic functions that the cutting tools in machining center should have. The material used to make the cutting tool will directly affect the service life, processing efficiency, processing quality and processing cost of the cutting tool, which shows how important it is to select the cutting tool for the machining center. In the process of machining, the tool must receive high pressure, high temperature, conflict, impact and vibration. So the tool used in the machining center must have the following basic functions.

1. Before machining the workpiece in our machining center, we must know the hardness of the workpiece. Generally speaking, the hardness of the tool used must be higher than that of the workpiece processed. Otherwise, it is not the tool that is processing the workpiece, but the workpiece is processing the tool. The hardness of the tool is usually above 60HRC. Originally speaking, the higher the hardness of the tool, the better its wear resistance, the more permanent.

2. The tool used in the strength and toughness machining center must have the strength to receive cutting force, impact force and detonation force, otherwise it will cause tool fracture or collapse, so to meet these requirements, it is necessary to select high light and high toughness raw materials to manufacture the tool.

3. High temperature machining center will produce certain high temperature when processing the workpiece. In order not to affect the machining accuracy, the material with good heat resistance must be selected to make the cutter. The cutter must be able to receive the high temperature produced by the machining center when processing the workpiece, otherwise it will cause high temperature oxidation of the workpiece or cutter, so the cutter must have heat resistance, so that the cutter can have anti-oxidation strength. 4. Process function: the material of cutting tool must have forging function, heat treatment function, welding function and other process functions, so as to facilitate the running in and change of cutting tool.